Soulasana yoga, healing and movement studio in Maui

Soulasana is inspired by the hope and dream that we can all feel soul expansion, lightness, health and joy through the practice of yoga, meditation and movement.

We welcome our entire community, all experience levels and the idea that we can add more light to this world together by healing ourselves first. When we feel good in our bodies and in our minds and soul, we have more love to share. Soulasana means Soulful Asana, the Sanskrit word for posture. Here, we invite all styles of mindful movement, yogic schools of thought and studies of healing energy arts. We are students of life and hope to continue to manifest our dreams together in health and peace and love, engulfed in beautiful vibrancy, music and art along the way.

There is no judgment in this space, only love and acceptance. Welcome home.



Everyday 7 am–8 pm


70 Eeast Kaahumanu Ave, Suite B4

Kahului, Maui




holiday schedule 2018-2019

Soulasana will be closed in honor of the following holidays:

DECEMBER 21, 2018 - Private Event in evening - YOGA FOUNDATIONS cancelled

DECEMBER 24, 2018 - Christmas Eve - CLOSED EVENING only (morning classes still scheduled)

DECEMBER 25 ,2018 - Christmas Day - CLOSED all day

DECEMBER 31, 2018 New Year’s Eve - CLOSED EVENING only (morning classes still scheduled)

JANUARY 1, 2019 - New Year’s Day - CLOSED all day


Upcoming Events, Workshops and Ceremonies

To RSVP please email or call 269-5983

World Renowned palmist, psychic, meditation teacher and healer, Amarjit Singh Modi, will be teaching Tuesday December 11 from 1-2 pm HOW TO PREPARE AND KNOW YOUR SOULMATE from 1-2pm $30 and Tuesday December 11 from 2-3 pm KNOW THYSELF, LOVE THYSELF, AND LIVE WITH JOY $30. If you would like to attend both it will be $50. Amarjit is the founder of Into-Greek Yoga and one of the only people in the world to read more than 60,000 palms from 193 countries. This is his first time teaching on Maui. Please rsvp to attend.

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RSVP or call (808) 269-5983

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  • Drop in Class : $20

  • Five Class Package : $90

  • 10 Class Package : $170

  • Unlimited Monthly with 12 Month Contract : $ 85

  • Unlimited Monthly Cancel at Anytime : $99

  • Students : $15 with Student ID

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Class Description

Kundalini Flow

Kundalini is a school of yoga that is influenced by Shaktism and Tantra schools of Hinduism. It primarily uses a focus on awakening kundalini energy through regular practice of meditation, pranayama, chanting mantra and yoga asana. This class will begin with a vinyasa flow warm-up to heat the body and calm the mind and end with a kundalini kriya. A kriya is a practice of specific asana, breath work and sounds that affect the body, mind and spirit simultaneously.

Ashtanga VINYASA

This energizing fast paced class will explore the elements of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. Mindfulness, breath, and bandha (internal subtle locks) and chanting will be explored along with asana (yoga postures) in this moving meditation. Be prepared to sweat! Ashtanga is a traditional method from the late yoga master Sri K Pattabhi Jois. Prior yoga experience preferred but not required.

YOGA Movement Maui

Pranayama Kundalini Sound Bath Master Class

This is an intermediate/advanced level Master Class exploring deep pranayama, kundalini and asana practice, closing with a deep healing meditative sound bath with essential oils

Yoga Foundations

A wonderful class for all levels, including beginners, working with the foundations and fundamentals of yoga. In this class we will work with the needs of the students paying close attention to alignment, breath work, and coordination. This class will be an important step in learning the integrity of each posture in order to achieve maximum benefits, avoid injuries and increase strength and flexibility.

Soulasana Yoga Healing

Aromaflow with Sound Bath Meditation

Enjoy a challenging flow class while various essential oils, specific to the practice at hand, are diffused in our practice room to elevate and heighten the yoga experience. The senses will be activated and then treated to a sound bath with quartz singing bowls and chakra meditation. This class will have you sweating and feeling completely detoxed and charged when you leave.

Gentle Yoga

A gentle and slow-paced practice with a therapeutic and nurturing energy. This class is good for recovery/healing, preventative care, and increasing flexibility for all ages.

Slow Flow

In this intermediate level class you will move through vinyasa flows slowly while intensified by mindfully holding postures for several breaths. You will build strength and increase flexibility while deepening your practice, improving the mind-body connection.


Yin Yang Vinyasa

A graceful journey from movement to stillness, balancing the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the Self. This powerful and gentle practice is designed to strengthen your body, purify your mind and nourish your soul. The modern teachings of Vinyasa and Yin are infused with ancient Vedic and Taoist principles, to awaken and harmonize the divine masculine and feminine energies residing within you.

Candlelight Yin

A candlelight slow paced yin class where we hold therapeutic and healing postures for longer periods of time to enjoy deeper relaxation and release. Enjoy a guided meditation to close the class before savasana (final relaxation pose).

Rise & Shine Flow

This vinyasa practice will slowly wake your body up through deep asana and concentration of the foundations of each pose. As you begin to wake up and get more into the practice, the flow will naturally gain tempo and organically add more strength and flexibility training. This is a complete and balanced flow class.

soulasana Maui love

DONATION Keiki Creative Movement

This ohana-style ballet, hip-hop, & creative movement class will be the highlight of your family’s week! Celebrate what make you brilliantly unique in this confidence building movement class for all ages. Discover what moves you! There are no fees for this class. Donations are welcome! Come one, come all. **please reserve online for this class there is a 15 keiki limit and this is not included in memberships ***


Yogalates is a style that combines the benefits and movements from Yoga with the core strengthening and focus of mat pilates.

Kaiut Restorative

Kaiut Yoga is primarily a floor class which focuses on working through chronic pain and injuries, general aches and stiffness, and work for the inflexible, hyper flexible and aging body. This class can benefit everyone.

Ashtanga inspired flow

This intermediate level class is fast paced and will explore the elements of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. Breath, mindfulness, and chanting will be incorporated, along with asana (yoga postures) in this moving meditation. Be prepared to sweat! Ashtanga is a traditional method from the late yoga master Sri K Pattabhi Jois. Prior yoga experience preferred.

Soulasana yoga healing maui

Chakra Energy Flow

One hour vinyasa flow class with a central focus on a specific chakra (one of our 7 energy points within the body) to heal, awaken, balance, nurture and stabilize our nervous system. The practice is deep and steady and focused and beautiful.

healing Maui

Buti Yoga

Buti yoga means a secret remedy or cure. This high energy class combines jump training (plyometrics), tribal dancing and dynamic yoga asanas into an intense workout.

*Downtempo Buti Class is Buti in a much slower pace*

Vinyasa Flow

Students will focus on linking conscious breath with a mindful flow. We will build strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind.

Soulasana Movement Maui

Soul Flow

There is no AC used in this naturally heated vinyasa flow class, where we generate our own body heat and move through our sequences to a variety of different styles of modern, world, traditional, folk, electronic and downtempo music. Each class will focus around a self healing mantra and spiritual element. We will definitely sweat as we first move through strengthening and invigorating postures that will help unwind any tension and blockages and then completing the practice with more mellow, restorative and recharging poses.

Kundalini Hi Fi

All of us get caught up in our head, there is powerful medicine for this and it’s called Mantra.  Naad Yoga or the Science of Sound is one of the easiest ways to change and uplift your vibration.   Understand your power to get naturally high and intoxicated through sound medicine.  Prepare to chant and enjoy some moving meditations.

Prenatal Yoga Maui


This class will incorporate pranayama, asana and meditation for our mama bears to connect with their bodies and spirits and growing baby during their prenatal journey.




I have always loved yoga. In 2005 I recieved my 200tt from Miami yoga Shala and in 2007 another 200tt from City Yoga in LA. Soulasana is the way that I am able to bring all my passions into one space; yoga, meditation and movement, show my children that we can follow our heart at any age, and be a part of adding more love to our world.

kate yoga teacher Soulasana Maui


Kate has been practicing yoga since 1984. She is a Certified Exercise Physiologist with The American College of Sports Medicine. She is also an experienced Corrective Exercise Specialist and Bodyworker.



Born and raised in Cairo where yoga is an abstract idea I was called to the east in 2011 to understand what yoga is. Been journeying this beautiful planet watching the practice shed limiting ideas of my own capabilities and allowing my essence to breathe with the rhythm of the cosmos



Vallia is an experienced yogini who studied Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga under several distinguished teachers including Nancy Gilgoff, a direct student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and received trainings from Manju Jois, Lino Miele, and Jodi Blumstein. After traveling to India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, she expanded her teaching style to include Tantra Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hatha and a deeper understanding of the Chakra systems. Vallia’s classes will ground you in the ancient wisdom of the Vedic traditions where you will be immersed in a clear and concise instruction that will bring you into a more full and grounded practice.

Regina yoga teacher in Maui at Soulasana


I grew up on Maui with my 4 older brothers and two loving parents. I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years influenced by my mother when I was a teen, with every practice my dedication and diligence for this way of life grows stronger. Being born and raised in the Islands I have developed a deep appreciation for the natural flow of energy to sustain a happy and vibrant lifestyle. This natural flow comes with me into each of my classes, allowing me to share with my students a pathway to a deeper level of connection with all the energy flowing around us. Come practice with me!

Elizabeth yoga teacher at Soulasana Maui


Elizabeth loves Kundalini Flow and sharing what works to align energy. She loves to serve the heath of her global community and finds it brings great and rewarding JOY into her life. She used to own and run the beautiful Body of Light in Wailuku and now runs a small reiki and yoga studio devoted to healing and kundalini flow. She has been teaching yoga on Maui for over 20 years.

Bruno-Zalum yoga teacher at Soulasana Maui


I am Bruno Zalum, a Lebanese yogi and designer fascinated by the ancient mystical teachings and their relevance to our modern world. I studied yoga and meditation in India and New York City under phenomenal mentors from the Hatha, Jivamukti, Kundalini and Iyengar lineages. Since 2013, I have been infusing the classical teachings with sound, philosophy and modern psychology to design an integrative practice with profound effects on the physical, mental and emotional bodies. My journey from movement to stillness explores the relationship between power and grace in a playful and approachable way, while remaining true to the ancient universal goal of self-realization. @brunozalum

Katya yoga Teacher at Soulasana


Katya is divinely enlightened Kundalini Awakening / HATHA / Ashtanga / Vinyasa Flow yoga practitioner, teacher, Reiki Healer and spiritual jewelry maker.



I came to Yoga 11 years ago seeking healing from a bulging disc and depression. What I have received goes beyond healing, Yoga transformed my life physically, mentally and spiritually. I put myself decidedly on the path of Yoga and healing. I went through Yoga teacher training at the Hatha Yoga Center of Seattle, and simultaneously got my BA in Mind-Body Health, focusing on Ayurveda, Mindfulness and Somatics. I then deepened my understanding of anatomy, healing touch, Chi Gung and Reiki through Maui School of Therapeutic Massage. I continue to seek new and inspiring teachings and have done courses in Kundalini Yoga, Pre-natal with Mark Stephens, Ayurveda with the Chopra Center and meditation at Thich Nhat Hanh’s Deer Park Monastery.
My classes are holistically inspired, encouraging practices to expand consciousness and move stagnant energy, awakening your vibrant, infinite self. I offer hands on adjustments, to those wanting, to help you gain body-mind awareness and move from within. Join me in this uniting practice of Yoga, of being wholly you, with sweat, tears, laughter and profound peace.

Dani yoga teacher at Soulasana


Dani is from Brazil, a mom, and passionate about yoga. She loves to teach yoga in a way that is accessible to everyone and to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and feels the connection with themselves. You can find her on instagram @daniaguiar_personal_yoga.

Michelle yoga Teacher at Soulsana


Michelle has been practicing yoga since 2003. She excels in teaching beginner-intermediate levels about body-mind awareness and proper alignment while harnessing the breath as a tool for release and restoration. She finds happiness and purpose helping others experience yoga as an intimate tool for healing, preventative-care and inner peace.

Kenny yoga teacher at Soulasana Maui


Kenny Ward has been a certified BUTI Yoga instructor since 2015. His classes are a music-driven, high-energy blend of yoga, dance, and plyometrics, and strive to leave you feeling good and loving yourself!

Becca yoga teacher at Soulasana yoga studio


From the fast-paced streets of major American cities to the tranquil islands of South Asia, the past decade of Becca’s professional wellness journey has spanned across the globe. Becca holds certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Antigravity Fitness and Yoga FUNdamentals 1 & 2, STOTT Pilates, AFAA Group Fitness and AFAA Kickboxing. She’s also spent a substantial amount of time training and working abroad, graduating Distinctive First in her class and earning two diplomas in Yoga Education and Yoga Therapy from Yoga Vidya Gurukal and the Bihar School of Yoga in Nasik, India; RYT-200 from Anna Sugarman Vinyasa Flow in Koh Samui, Thailand; and Therapeutic Thai Massage from Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She is currently studying with master teacher Layla Martin to obtain her coaching certification as a Tantric Sex, Love and Relationship Coach.

jaidah yoga teacher at Soulasana yoga in Maui


Jaidah Terry, of Makawao, is originally from Illinois. She a free-lance ballerina with over 11 years experience in dance and fitness. She began choreographing at age 6, formally training in ballet,pointe, jazz,modern,and Yoga at 13, and began dancing professionally at 18. She trained with Peoria Ballet Academy, Ballet Chicago, American Ballet Theater, and Alonzo King’s Lines Program. Her professional experience includes dancing with The DanceWright Project, Labayen Dance SF, Peninsula Ballet Theater, David Herrera’s Performance Company, Copious Dance Theater, Naples Ballet, Man Dance Company, and The Quimera Dance Tribe, to name a few. She has a background in early childhood education, personal training, and energy work. Jaidah is a healer. Her knowledge and nurture combined create and environment destined for growth.

Kellie Yoga teacher at Soulasana


Kellie can be found on Instagram at @maui_fitness_tribe. She is certified 200 hour vinyasa RYT, Buti Yoga, Pilates and fitness instructor. She believes her class will be the most fun you've ever had doing yoga and is passionate about stretching, shaking and sweating to dope beats during her Buti class.

Niki yoga teacher at Soulasana


Niki has been E-RYT 300 hour instructor with a focus in Vinyasa and Yin. Yoga is truly my passion and has completely transformed my life. My deepest hope for each practice is to create both a comfortable and expressive space for each student to tap into their inner light and fully shine in their highest potential.

Parker yoga teacher maui Soulasana


Because of my Ashtanga Yogi mother and 10+ year personal practice, my teaching style ranges from gentle and restorative to vibrant and vigorous, depending on the pulse of the class. There’s a benefit to both styles; the Yin and the Yang sides of Yoga.

Enrique Diaz yoga teacher at Soulasana


Enrique is a Celestial Soul Traveler, Teacher of Inspiration and Spiritual Awakening Adventure Guide.Throughout his journey Enrique became licensed in Massage, Craniosacral and Somato Emotional Therapy, Personal Training, Qigong, Breath Empowerment and 9 Breath Method. Enrique states " Part of my Destiny is to empower individuals and groups of all ages around the world; lifting their spirits and hearts by renewing their passion and restoring their vital life force energy within.

Celine Yoga Teachee at Soulasana


From demanding corporate world to mother of 2, Celine found in Yoga peacefulness & strength needed navigate through life with more ease and self-acceptance.

With “Re-Wilding Prenatal Yoga & Exploration” Celine offers a practice that celebrates Mothers in a safe and sacred space. Celine helps them to navigate through the emotional waves of pregnancy while preparing them fiercely for birth and the next chapters of their life.

Far beyond adapting postures, Celine integrates different movement modalities, vocal toning, active meditation, pelvic floor awareness, breath work and much more to release inhibition and RECLAIM with REVOLUTION pregnancy!

Mothers stand in their power as they nurture themselves through challenge and connect with Baby.

Her style is described to be unconventional, dynamic and uplifting. No matter what your birth plan is, come as you are to :

Find Support and compassion

Unleash your wild instincts & reconnect to self-trust

Deepen your well being through deep relaxation

Create a circle of Wisdom wit other Mama


Complimentary Yoga Advisory Session

Please contact Amy to schedule a complimentary yoga advisory session if you have any questions about our yoga, meditation and movement classes or if you just want to discuss the perfect classes to fit your needs, your goals and/or any injuries that you are concerned about. I look forward to helping you discover or deepen your practice. Namaste, - Amy 




70 East Kaahumanu Avenue, Suite B 4 Kahului, HI

Studio located around the corner from Whole Food towards the Maui Mall Theater on the left side.

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